Medical Center

Khajana Medical Center Pvt. Ltd. is an Organization providing services in Medical Examination for people going abroad to work. It is located in the East part of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. This center is situated near by International Air Port, hence easily accessible. The major department of this center is air‐conditioned to maintain the quality of the services.

What we do

The service delivery system of this center is fully scientific and practical. We accept international standard in each and every service points. The center maintains the computerized service system in every department and control by central computerizedsystem. The center provides the medical certificate to our clients on the next working day. The center minimizes the waiting time in each service areas by appointment system..

Medical Examination Service

Medical examination service is the main service of the center run by the Family Physician. This is first entry point of

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clinical services. Under Medical Examination, we take general and medical history of the clients and general health check up.

Radiology Services

The radiology unit is highly equipped with modern technology of computerized system and run by qualified technicians. The main function of this department is
to assist the clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the
use of X‐ray.text.

Clinical Laboratory Service

The center is equipped with state of the art fully/semi automated Biochemistry analyzer, fully automated Elisa processor in addition to back‐up semi auto Elisa reader. It also has ISE for electrolyte, a number of microscopes and other necessary laboratory equipment.

Kinds of Different Equipments

Plus medical Examination

Specilized Human Resource

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