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Medical Examination Service

Medical examination service is the main service of the centre run by the Family Physician. This is first entry point of clinical services. Under Medical Examination, we take general and medical history of the clients and general health check up. Then doctor advice for clinical investigation according to the need of the country. The center also provides counseling service by Medical Officer for those clients who have medical problem.

Radiology Services

The radiology unit is highly equipped with modern technology of computerized system and run by qualified technicians. The main function of this department is to assist the clinicians in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases through the use of X-ray.
The radiographic procedure basically consists of the exposure of the x-ray film, development of the exposed film and interpretation of the x-ray. While the first two steps in this process are carried out by qualified and trained technicians and the interpretation of the x-ray is always done by radiologist. To maintain the quality of the services, we introduce CR X-Ray system.

Clinical Laboratory Service

The center is equipped with state of the art fully/semi automated Biochemistry analyzer, fully automated Elisa processor in addition to back-up semi auto Elisa reader. It also has ISE for electrolyte, a number of microscopes and other necessary laboratory equipment. The client’s registration and reporting system is fully computerized. This department has qualified technician and other supporting staffs under the supervision of Pathologist.

The major sections of the laboratory have experienced staff and perform all the tests related to their respective disciplines within the section. The primary function of the clinical laboratory is to perform laboratory tests which will provide information to clinicians in arriving at correct identification of health problems of the clients.

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